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Born in Lone Pine, California and raised in Bishop in a (Foster Care/Orphanage) home and made a Ward of the Court as parents had passed away. Lived in this home from age 5 to 14 when a wonderful family adopted me and gave me a stable, loving home. Left Bishop to go to college and never went back. By this time my adopted parents had moved from Bishop back to Southern California and it was time for me to go to college. I attended 2 years junior college and then completed 3 years nurses training at California Hospital School of Nursing and received my RN license. At this time I ended up working for a surgeon in the Wilshire district until I married Larry Fogg in 1960 and moved to Burbank. We met at Calvary Bible Church here in Burbank. My first child, Grace was born in 1961, Lisa in 1963 and David in 1965. They all went through Burbank Schools, and still live here. Both Grace and Lisa completed nursing and obtained their RN license. David attended Jr. College and worked in sales for several years. The first 15 years of marriage while raising 3 children, I worked in Christian Education at Calvary Bible Church teaching and coordinating the Children’s Ministry plus helping my husband with the Jr. High Ministry. Then, in the process of selling our home and purchasing a larger one, I became interested in the “process” and decided to give real estate a try, but only part time. Well, part time quickly became full time! It was like a duck takes to water and real estate was my “niche”. I loved it and was very good at listing and selling homes!! 31 years later, I am still listing and selling homes! I continue to serve at Calvary Bible Church in the Missions Ministry and Visitation Ministry. I also have served in many different areas with our Association of Realtors and continue to do so today. In approximately 1992, I asked David to consider coming into the business. He was a natural born salesman with lots of charisma and together as a Mother and Son Team we have been very, very successful. My husband Larry passed away in 2000 and I have been so blessed to be working with my kind and loving son. He has been a great support not only in business, but now with the leadership of our business. Both daughters and their families live close and we spend a lot of time together. My oldest daughter Grace left nursing and is now also in the real estate business. Grace and Matthew Miranda have 3 children. All either in college or graduated. Lisa and Cameron Cripps have four, very busy, wonderful boys! Lisa has never worked, but works harder raising four boys! David and his wife Bridget do not have children, but a spoiled cat. David and I helped with the opening of the Keller Williams office here in Burbank. In all the years I have been with the large companies, none can begin to compare with the support, integrity, honesty and “always do the right thing” philosophy as this company. We are looking forward to many years of success, training and encouragement this company provides to us and all our real estate agents.

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